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Fees, if paid, are to increase the interest earning potential of your annuity.

Yes! The annuities that I offer are not exposed to stock market losses.

Yes! The current 5-year rate guarantee is 5.5%

Yes! The income can be guaranteed for the rest of your life.

Your beneficiary will fill out a claim form and send the death certificate to the company. It is a quick and simple process and does not go through probate.

No! Taxes are only paid when you start taking money out of your annuity.

Life Insurance

Both certainly have their place. Which one is best for you will be determined by your budget, amount needed, and your age.

At a minimum, I would advise a policy to cover your final expenses. Other considerations are... is your house paid off, are you married, do you have children, do you have other debts besides your mortgage, and do you want to leave money to a charity?

Yes! Most policies through an employer will end when you leave that employer.

It depends on your age and the amount of insurance being applied for.

I have plans that I can offer that are guarantee issue. You will qualify regardless of health or weight.


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